Why do Gaming Laptops Have Bad Battery Life – Tips & Tricks

Laptops are amazing tools that can be used for various purposes, from business to gaming. But one issue is bad battery life. Everyone loves their laptop is acquainted with the frustration of short battery life. And for gamers, this issue is only compounded by the need for a powerful laptop. 

So why do gaming laptops have bad battery life? In this post, we talk about some of the reasons behind this problem. And give some tips on how to get the most out of your gaming laptop’s battery.

Why Do Gaming Laptops Have Bad Battery Life Compared to Normal Laptops?

Gaming laptops have become more and more popular in recent years. advances Technological have made them more powerful and affordable. 

But, one area where they still lag behind traditional laptops is battery life. Gaming laptops typically have shorter battery lives than normal laptops. due to their higher power demands. This is because gaming laptops need extra processing power to run the latest games smoothly. As a result, they often have larger and more powerful CPUs and GPUs, which consume more energy. 

Gaming laptops also tend to have brighter screens. And more features that need constant power. Such as backlit keyboards. All these factors combine to shorten the battery life of gaming laptops. In contrast, this can be frustrating for laptop gamers.

Manufacturers are constantly working to improve the battery life of gaming laptops. In the meantime, laptop gamers can try some simple tips to extend their battery life. Which we’ll talk about below.

10 Reasons Why do Gaming Laptops have Bad Battery Life?

10 Reasons Why do Gaming Laptops have Bad Battery Life? 

  • They use a lot of power. 
  • The graphics card uses a lot of power. 
  • The processor uses a lot of power. 
  • The screen is big and bright. 
  • They have a lot of features that use power, like backlit keyboards and high-end audio. 
  • Gaming laptops tend to be thicker and heavier than other laptops, so they can’t fit as much battery. 
  • The battery life of a gaming laptop is affected by the games you play. More demanding games will use more power and drain the battery faster. 
  • Some gaming laptops have extra features that can drain the battery. like programs controlling fan speed or RGB lighting. 
  • Suppose you’re using your gaming laptop for other tasks, like browsing the web or watching videos. It will also affect the battery life. 
  • The battery life of a gaming laptop is also affected by the settings you use. Higher settings will use more power and drain the battery faster. in contrast, lower settings will save power but might not give you the best gaming experience.

10 Tips and Tricks for Gaming Laptops Battery Life Increase!

If you are a laptop lover or a laptop user, you may be looking for ways to improve the battery life of your gaming laptop. Here are ten tips and tricks that can help you increase the battery life of your gaming laptop:

power saving mode

Use power saving mode: 

Many laptops have a power-saving mode that can help to extend the battery life. This mode will reduce the laptop’s performance but can be helpful when you need to conserve power.

Reduce the screen brightness: 

The brighter the screen, the more power it will consume by reducing the brightness of the screen. You can significantly improve the battery life of your laptop.

Disable unnecessary programs: 

Many programs run in the background of your laptop that you may not even be aware of. These programs can consume a lot of power and shorten your laptop’s battery life. To disable these programs, go to “Control Panel” and “Administrative Tools.” You can select “Task Scheduler” and disable any unnecessary programs.

Limit your use of external devices: 

Any devices that are connected to your laptop will consume power. And shorten the battery life. So, if possible, limit your use of external devices such as USB drives, printers, and scanners.

Use hibernation mode: 

When you are not using your laptop for an extended period, it is best to put it into hibernation mode. This will save all open files and programs to your hard drive and then turn off the power to conserve energy. To do this in Windows 10, click “Start” and then “Power.” From here, click on “Hibernate.”

Adjust your power settings: 

Why do Gaming Laptops Have Bad Battery Life?

Your laptop has different power settings. That can be adjusted to help improve battery life. To access these Windows 10, click “Start” and “Settings.” Click on “System” and then “Power & Sleep.” Here you will see different options that you can adjust to help improve battery life. such as reducing the screen timeout setting and disabling Bluetooth when not in use.

Avoid using demanding applications: 

Programs like video editing software need a lot of processing power. Or games will drain the battery much quicker than less demanding applications. such as word processors or internet browsers. So, if possible, avoid using these programs when running on battery power.

Use airplane mode: 

Airplane mode is a great way to conserve power. When you don’t need all the features of your laptop, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. To enable airplane mode in Windows 10, click on “Start” and then “Settings”. From here, click on “Network & Internet” and then “Airplane Mode”. Enable airplane mode by flipping the switch to “On”. 

Close unused tabs: 

If you have many tabs open in your internet browser. This can consume a lot of processing power and shorten battery life. So, make sure to close any tabs that you are not using. 

Keep your laptop cool

Keep your laptop cool: 

Laptops tend to run hotter when they are running demanding applications or games. This can cause decreased performance as well as shortened battery life. So, make sure to keep your laptop in a cool, ventilated area to help prevent overheating. 

By following these ten tips. You should be able to improve the battery life of your gaming laptop significantly.


Gaming laptops are designed for performance, first and foremost, with battery life downside. This means that gamers who want the best possible experience will sacrifice. Some battery life in order to get a laptop that can handle intense graphics and gameplay. Of course, not everyone wants or needs a laptop that can handle hardcore gaming. So there are also options available for people. Who prioritizes longer battery life over all else? 

If you’re looking for a gaming laptop but don’t want to compromise your battery life. Be sure to check out our list of the models with the best endurance. And if you already own a gaming laptop and are struggling with a short runtime. Following our tips and tricks above. you can extend your battery life without giving up your favorite games. Thanks for reading!

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